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'Cos ideas don't come slow and steady

Friday, April 28, 2006

6:26PM - house party calendar

How about something like the jagg.co.nz calendar but it's for houseparties.

Each person who signs up has to give the email addresses for their friends and they're allowed to see the parties you list. It could send out an email much like the MSN Messenger 'someone wants to talk to you'.

For a big party you can invite the friends of your friends - social networking styles. With up to 3 or 4 degrees of separation.

As for the technical implementation I could hack up something like these opensource calendars:

Optionally have it sent out email reminders before the event so even if someone never logs in they still find out about it.

I'm thinking it should be free for everyone and add paid access to get TXT reminders.
Possibly make $ so its self sustaining by localised ads for hiring party equipment, bands, etc.

I don't think support for completely open invite parties should be added as that would get abused.

Because this can involve ppl turning up at an address the potential for abuse is high so this could be mitigated by authentication of new accounts based on another social netwroking site like livejournals OpenID or maybe you have to be invited ala Orkut.

Ideas anyone?


is there an opportunity in advertising to & signing up wholesalers as dropshippers?

most won't want to because of the administrative overhead. those that do are considered as gold by the ecommerce webmasters.


website 2.0

a place to record/list recommendations people make to you
categories: books, movies, music, other
you can login and see all the recommendations and who gave them to you.
for movies, books & music make automatic links to imdb, cddb & amazon.
consider: recommending meme for livejournal?
pros: $, social networking, community updated content
potential: rank the highest recommended books. ppl can browse and click on things to say they enjoyed the book or not. u can also see who else enjoyed it & learn their taste.

success liklihood? zilch.... becoz of low content in initial stages... unless i can fix that by taking content from top100 lists

1:28PM - Memetics

Ok, I want to know what it takes to have a meme take-off in the LJ community. Here's some ideas - they're all about ur freinds reading it & guessing:

1) it displays a list of your friends -
& whoever reads it can choose who they think you got with, with the choices being kiss/sex/none

2) guess my IQ & EQ. two sliding bars

3) guess who i have a crush on from my friends list
this has probably been done.

4) u guess who out of your friends
smokes, drinks & gambles,
answers r : daily, weekly, monthly, never

<-- this last one would be funny to see how well we know one another.

as for practical implementation - PHP, the ungodly power of Linux etc.

Current mood: asleep

12:31PM - The idea process

There are several stages. Some that I can think of:

- having a novel idea
- researching to see if it's been done before
(if YES - try to modify to make it unique)
- researching to see how it can be made feasible

I'm really really bad with the second stage.

How about you?

12:28PM - Whiteboard marker stamps

Huge stamp pads with whiteboard marker ink.

And giant stamps! :D

For teachers to use. Or just general playtime fun.

12:26PM - Velcro poetry

Like magnetic poetry, but velcro.

On clothing, or fabric somethings...

I have a little word printer device that can print words onto cloth.

So I'm thinking... sew it onto "hook" bits of velcro. Then sew "fluffy" velcro bits onto clothes.

Washing would suck...

Plus what to do with extra words?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

8:16AM - A tentative introduction!

Nothing much to say by way of introduction, apart from this. I really have no basis for knowing whether and if so how this is going to work :)

But... hello!

My first hare-brained idea is making this community, I think :p